Photo Credit: Julian Artistico, age 6


Hi, I’m Liz.

Raised in Ireland, with a long stint on the west coast, I now live in a tiny valley at the edge of the Southern Berkshires and the Hudson Valley. I knew I would settle here when I had to stop to allow cows to cross the road - it just felt like home.

I have always juggled my need to make and create with my more analytical brain, and Hawthorn Creative has been the perfect marriage of these aspects of myself. I equally love creating logos and love figuring out how to better engage with a client’s customer base. I love to play with color and layout, and I love to use code to bring them to life on the web. I enjoy sitting with clients, hearing the story of their businesses, and finding ways to bring that spark to the world.

As an artist and maker (I’m also a ceramicist - you can see my work here), a former midwife, sociology major and self-employed professional for over a decade, I bring a lot of lenses to my work. I think beauty and good design are important; I also value substantive content and a good user experience. Though I believe that customers will connect with my clients when they have a clear, authentic message, I don’t take it for granted; I also gather data and assess what works and what doesn’t to better help my clients evolve.

I am honored to have worked with many of the same clients for years, watching their businesses grow and supporting them as they hone their messages and offerings. I welcome all inquiries. Contact me if you would like to learn more about working together.